Whatsapp Status aia file | free aia file status app | video status app aia file

Whatsapp Status aia file | free aia file status app | video status app aia file

Video Status is a trending app nowadays, every social media user uses this kind of apps to download short videos & share them.


  1. Its is user friendly App.
  2. It is High Quality AIA file For Kodular .
  3. Engage user for the maximum time.
  4. You can add unlimited questions in this aia.
  5. High quality android application .
  6. Increase traffic Sources .
  7. Increase the interest of the user with this aia file.
  8. App is Integrated with admob banner Ads and Intertial Ads.
  9. Unlimited Categories Add
  10. Categories
  11. Download Status One Click
  12. Like, Love, Favourite Add, Views Count, Download Status, Share Status, Report
  13. Download List Show
  14. Favourite List Show
  15. Delete All Favourite List One Click
  16. Delete All Download List One Click
  17. Remove Download List Item One by One
  18. Share app 
  19. Professional slid menu 
  20. slid menu option home, download, whatsapp group, invite, favourit list, about, rate us, privacy policy, exit
  21. professional video player
  22. beautuful design
  23. related videos show video play
  24. Scroll Up/Down Button

How To Download Aia File?

The target has to be met to download the Aia file.

Aia file download karnay ka leyai target pora krna ho ga

فائل ڈاؤن لوڈ کرنے کے لئے ہدف پورا کرنا ہوگا۔ aia

Target :-      My YouTube Video Views 5000 And Like 200

Watch my videofull

What is .aia file?

Source code file created and used by App Inventor, web program used by beginning developers to create applications for Android devices; contains the source code blocks of an application project in development.
App Inventor is a blocks-based programming tool that uses the source code in the AIA file to create applications. The AIA file is also used to export and import projects to and from a computer to the web program. You can share your project in an executable form, which is a the.APK file, instead of source code form.
To export the AIA file, select “Projects” and choose Export selected project (.aia) to my computer. To import the AIA file, select “Projects” and choose Import project (.aia) from my computer… or from a repository…

How to edit this .Aia File?

  1. Import it in kodular
  2. Change the app Name, Icon & Package name
  3. Change the colors if you wish
  4. Connect it with your airtable database, Demo database link given below
  5. Change the AdMob ad ids with yours
  6. You must do the above changes in all screes, For more information visit our youtube 
  7. channel.

App Screenshots

home screen

play screen

download complete

download start

download list

download delete all


view screen

side menu



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